The 22oz Shippers Are Ready For Your BIG Beers!

After a couple months of testing the samples, and completing a production run, the 22oz beer shipping inserts are finally available! You can buy them through my website, but your best bet would be to purchase them through Amazon.

These shippers are great for shipping your 22oz beer bottles, and they also have a really snug fit for the 500ml bottles and 19.2oz cans. The 16oz cans fit as well, but you may want to add some paper to the insert to keep them from shipping around too much.

Because these inserts are a little longer than my 12oz bottle shippers, you will need a longer box to fit them. If you’re shipping 2 beers and 2 inserts, I would recommend a 14x8x4 box. If you’re shipping 4 beers and 4 inserts, use a 14x8x8 box. If you’re shipping 6 beers and 6 inserts, try using a 14x12x8 box. Fortunately, all of these sizes are available on the Uline site, and even your local box supply store.