Introducing The 22oz Shipper!

I’ve talked about producing this shipping insert over the past year, and it’s finally here! I received my first production samples last week. I will spend the next couple of weeks testing and sharing samples. I’m also going to start prepping for a production run to have the 22oz shippers commercially available by July!


I’m very excited about this shipping insert because I finally have an insert made for large format bottles. When I was starting Crafty Shipping I was deciding between making a 12oz insert or 22oz insert first. I chose the 12oz shipping insert because of my homebrewing background. I had been bottling all my beers in 12oz bottles, and I knew that homebrewer could use these inserts to send their bottles to competitions. So I started with the 12oz bottles knowing that I wanted to make the 22oz insert next.

After hearing from folks over the past year who wanted a 22oz shipper, and tweaking the design over the past few months, I am very happy with how these samples turned out! Besides being able to fit the 22oz bottles, the base of the insert was also designed to fit a 19.2oz can. This was intentional because I wanted these inserts to be multipurpose.


Another plus with these shippers is they can fit 500mL bottles. The base of the insert snugly holds the 500mL bottle, and the neck of the insert has a nice fit for this bottle size too. Even if a 500mL bottle has a cork and cage, there is space to accommodate that extra piece.


Because the insert holds larger bottles, it is a couple inches longer, and requires a slightly larger box than the 12oz insert. A single 22oz bottle insert is 14”x8”x2”, so I would recommend a 14”x8”x4” box for 2 bottles, a 14”x8”x8” box for 4 bottles, and a 14”x12”x8” box for 6 bottles. Fortunately, these box sizes are available on the Uline website.


I can’t wait to get these samples into the hands of more people to get their feedback, and I’ll be sure to keep the rest of you posted when they are ready to buy! For those of you interested in the 22oz inserts, please feel free to reach out to me, and I’ll keep you posted on when they are available on my site, and on Amazon. Also, if you are interested in placing a bulk order (500 or more inserts), then please reach out to me regarding wholesale pricing.

Thank you to all you who have expressed interest in seeing a 22oz insert! I’m looking forward to getting this product into your hands. Also, thank you to all the people who have bought my 12oz bottle shippers over the past year and a half! Your business and feedback are the reason I am able to keep this business moving forward!



Stephen Sullivan