Got my production samples in earlier this week for my 12oz beer bottles, and the look great! Gotta send them out to a few people who requested samples, as well as sharing them with very interested family and friends.

They have a snug fit on my 12oz beer bottles, and they fit the boxes I'd hope they'd fit into. With the 12x4x4 inch size they fit into several different sized boxes. I tried a 1-pack, 3-pack, and 4-pack. Gave them a shake inside the box with the trays and heard practically no shaking and no liquid moving in the bottles. I'll send a few samples to UPS for their own packaging testing purposes.

Very excited to have these, and can't wait to start selling them! Message me if you have any interest in buying these trays, learning more about shipping beer, or if you think this is a cool company! Thanks - Steve

Stephen SullivanComment