States and Their Licensing Policies

After reaching out to over 40 states, I've heard back from about 20 on their licensing policies for shipping beer into their states. So far it seems like California and Ohio are relatively liberal when it comes to shipping beer into their states. You don't need a license to ship beer to those states for private use, and they permits for retailers and breweries to allow direct shipping.

Montana and Nebraska are also relatively liberal on shipping beer to it's citizens for private use, but there is a limit on how much can be direct shipped each month.

Most states that I've heard back from do fall into the 3-tier system where breweries ship to wholesalers, wholesalers distribute beer to retailers, and retailers distribute to consumers.

I'll keep working on hearing back from each state, and I'll place links for each state on my website so you can easily look up your home state's beer shipping laws. Plus, you can also look up the laws of the states you are looking to ship your beer!

Stephen Sullivan