Getting Free Boxes from Uline to Ship Your Homebrew

As homebrewers, we can be thrifty people. If you’re planning on shipping some of your homebrew to competitions or as gifts, then there is a way to get free boxes from Uline. Uline is a nationwide business that specializes in shipping boxes. It takes a few minutes to set an account and a couple days to get your boxes, but if you don’t live near a box supply store, and you don’t want to buy boxes from a place like Amazon, then this could be a good option for you.

  1. Setup a Uline account. Go to the Uline website, and create an account.

  2. On their website look up the box size you need, as well as the corresponding product number.

  3. Call the Uline office, and let them know the product number(s) you are interested in, and request a sample. They will send you the free sample(s) in a day or two.

This method is great for one-time or two-time box sizes you need for shipping beer. If you ever need to purchase in bulk, Uline can sell you 25 boxes of that size at a time, which could be great if your homebrew club is planning to ship a lot of entries for upcoming competitions.