Update for the Fall

It’s been a minute, and I need to update how things went over the summer, and what I’ll be up to this fall.

  1. The 12oz shippers are continuing to sell, and I hope to get these into the hands of more folks. To all the people who’ve bought these shippers, I want to thank you. I am happy to full this need, and hope to provide you with more useful products and information in the future.

  2. I didn’t end up making the 22oz shippers. Unfortunately the demand was low for this size, but I appreciate the people who expressed interest in this product.

  3. I’m working on a way to integrate purchasing FedEx shipping labels through my site. I know the shipping can be expensive, and if I can extend any discounts to my Crafty Shipping customers, I’d be happy to do that.

That’s the short version! There’s been a lot of folks I got to meet during the process of starting up this business, and I can’t wait to meet more homebrewers and craft beer fans!



Stephen Sullivan